Secrets to Mismarriages offers an unparalleled perspective on the topic of mixed-orientation (straight and gay) marriages. It based on one woman’s experience who after having been married to a gay man feels something was off throughout the marriage and suffers from its repercussions. This book explains the signs and signals, red flags and personality attributes of potentially gay husbands. It also throws light upon the peculiar characteristics of the women who fall for such men. It explains their agony, state of mind and suggests ways to deal with the issue confidently.
This book can be called as a handy survival manual for the women who are constantly feeling that something is not right in the most private yet important part of their marriage, who are caught in a troubled relationship with narcissistic abuse or who are dealing with husbands having some personality disorders. This book is recommended to all women who are experiencing any uncertainties whatsoever as to their husband’s true sexual orientation. Through the true stories shared by other straight wives in this book, you will know that you are not alone in this situation and that whatever you are feeling in this regard, is not without any reason.

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