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With her very first book, THE SECRETS TO MISMARRIAGES: she dared to pick out the topic on which very few Indian writers have expressed their views in black & white; considering male chauvinistic society in India. Profoundly she has put a finger on dark secret in which ladies have been lived & still living & pulling off their marriages just because of a certain kind of socio-economic culture in India. It shows her strength of being brave, open minded, analytical & to see any topic from 360-degree view.

Apart from her strong academics, she is an intelligent, rational and honest philosopher. She is passionate about psychology and human relationships. She is a certified counselling psychologist, a life coach and also has been a mentor to many students as well as colleagues. She has healed many of those who are suffering from depression, narcissistic abuse, troubled marriages, trauma, anxiety, a sense of confusion about life, suicidal thoughts, loss and bereavement. She has guided many teenager’s having low self-esteem, identity issues including gender identity, anxiety, friendship difficulties, family problems, and having trouble deciding their career paths.

Currently, Ms. Rucha Joshi is working as Freelancer & consultant in the field of satellite remote sensing, GIS & image processing. She has more than ten years of experience working with National Institute of Oceanography(NIO), National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) as a researcher and as a professor with many renowned universities like Pune University, CDAC, etc. She has been accredited by NASA & ISRO for her contribution in the field. She holds an honorary position of a reviewer on many prestigious international scientific journals like Springer. She has been trained from ISRO in the field of Satellite remote sensing & GIS in addition to two post graduations; M.SC (environmental science) & M. Tech (Satellite & remote sensing). She is also pursuing a PhD in the same field from BIT, Ranchi.

Read more of her writing by visiting her blog at unlitsparkblog.wordpress.com and Facebook page named ‘Secrets to Mismarriages’.

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