Lavender Marriages

In the last blog we have discussed about mismarriages. By definition, ‘A mixed-orientation marriage is a marriage between partners of different sexual orientations.’ Simply put, one of the partners is heterosexual and the other one is homosexual. In this blog we are going to discuss the reasons behind such marriages. Why mismarriages happen! According to an interesting […]

The manufactured soulmate

Getting emotionally involved with a psychopath is an adventure for sure. It will introduce you tohuman nature, our dysfunctional society, and perchance the most important of all, your own soul. It is definitely a dark journey that will hurl you into spells of depression, fury, and loneliness. It will untangle your deepest fears and insecurities […]

Let’s break the ice!

Reva and Avinash met at one of the professional meetings and instantly got attracted towards each other’s radiance of countenance. Soon they became inseparable and later got married officially. As soon as they came back from their honeymoon, Reva started to feel like something is off. Initially she named it a transitional phase and tried […]